10 Weird, Funny, Time Pass, Interesting Websites

Hello friends, Today I come with a list of funny, weird websites that you may like. Generally, we only visit websites like Google for search purpose, forums for reasoning purpose and social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, for entertainment or for chatting purpose but beside this, there are many other websites for fun or time pass purpose.
So here are the list for you

Most Weird Websites Ever

1. Cleverbot


This is my favorite of all, It is a chatting bot which chats with you like humans. Try this website you really like this. This is just like chatting in social media, but here you say anything, yes anything. It gives you answer every time.

2. Staggering Beauty

As you see in this picture a leech is shown if you hold the leech with your cursor then see what happens, try at one you like this.

3. Rainymood

It is a site with raining and thunder sound are play, this site feels you that around you rain occurs, this site is also available in an app for both platform ios and android.

4.  pointer pointer

I don’t know how accurately he finds our mouse cursor and points it to an image like I see in this picture but it kind of fun. Try this.

5.  Snapbubble

Many people have a hobby of popping the bubbles when an electrical or any appliance come because it has polyethene. It sound to make people pop more bubbles so, I have a site similar to popping the bubble but here it virtually but here you also pop the bubbles same as in polyethene. Try this.

6.  Zoomquilt

when we click a photo and try to zoom in it fade as we zoom more to the picture but here is this website know as zoomquilt in which an image zoom continuously like infinity zoom.

7. Nicest Place on the Internet

If you are sad or feeling not well then this site is for you, it blew away your sadness with a hug. In this site, many people hug you.

8. Feed The Head

This is a weird game in which a face come and then game start you can do anything with this face you broke his nose, you detach the eye from face etc.

9. Heman Adventures

This is a site for heman fans, in this site heman adventure video and a song play you really like if you see tv show of heman.

10. The useless web

If you want more interesting or weird websites then go to this site and this site takes you randomly, to weird websites.

Final words

I hope you like this post this is for entertainment purpose only if you want to kill time then this guide is perfect for you. After going to these sites if you feel good then share this post facebook, whatapps, google+ and twitter, Thank you.


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