Get Dolby Atmos Surround Sound on Any Android

Flash DolbyAtmos.Zip
Dolby Atmos

Did you like music? and your smartphone has only one speaker ( or maybe two), but they are not louder as compare to your some friends Smartphone  which has Dolby Atmos in his smartphone because he has a handset of Lenovo which sounds Absolutely fantastic and louder but now you Will got the Dolby Atmos (Flash DolbyAtmos.Zip) By Following the Steps and Flash DolbyAtmos.Zip.

First of all, you want to flash TWRP recovery which is the base because it will be used in the installation and make sure your Bootloader is Unlocked.

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Just Follow The Following Steps:

  • Download The Dolby Atmos Zip

First, you Only Need to download the dolbyAtmos.Zip (It Is Only For Oreo Roms for other Roms find it on in your internal storage. Then, Boot your device into TWRP Recovery Mode Just By Pressing the Power button And VolumeUp for 10 sec.

Flash DolbyAtmos.Zip

  • Now Flash DolbyAtmos.Zip

Once You made it to TWRP Tap On  The Install  And Select The Zip then, “Swipe to Confirm Flash”, Once The Installation Is Complete Reboot The System.

Flash DolbyAtmos.Zip

  • Enable The Dolby Atmos

Now the Only Thing You Need To do Is Enable the Dolby Atmos By Opening The Dolby Atmos APP. Open The Dolby Atmos App. Then Tap On The Power Button Shown On The Screen Of The App, Then Select The Appropriate Setting In  Equaliser.


Now this above article (i,e. How to flash Dolby Atmos) is an applicable method and by  following the above steps you can increase, the loudness and clarity of your Smartphone’s speakers, but it is very important to make sure that you have the TWRP recovery on your device because without this you can’t do this. So I hope you like the article and I was helpful for you, make sure you will write a comment how helpful was the Dolby Atmos for you and is it louder than Past, And Now Like Us On Facebook For More This Type Of Content.If you have Any Querry (i,e. Problem) Related To Flashing the Dolby Atmos Then Feel Free To Ask, and If You Have Any Suggestion the let us know them by the comment.Flash DolbyAtmos.Zip


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