[Solved] How to resume expired link in UC browser app

Hello friends, In Android, almost 100 million users use UC browser app because of its high downloading speed but sometimes you may face problems like retrying.. again and again, or link is expired. If you download a big file and you downloaded above 90%, and link expired then what you do, restart the file again but today I tell you how to solve a retrying problem in UC browser or link expired message😈.
I also face this problem many time when I download anime videos, but after this trick, my problem is solved, so I share this trick.

Before you used this trick make sure your link support resume if the link doesn’t support resume, then this trick doesn’t work so check this first.

7 easy steps to resume your downloaded file from UC browser app

1. Find your downloading file, simply go to file manager>Uc downloads>select downloading file and .tmp file.
Note:- .temp file is just below the downloading file
2. Make a new folder in File Manager and move those two files.
3.Open again file manager >uc downloads> downloading file, delete the downloading file
4.Now download the same file again and pause it to 4%(or 7mb).
5.Go to file manager>Uc download>downloading file, delete the new downloading file and .temp file.
6.Now copy the downloading file and .temp file previously you move to another folder.
7.Go to UC browser and resume the downloading file and complete your download😏.


This was a simple but very essential trick, It works for me every time when my download stuck, I hope you like this trick for more such tricks subscribe, share to Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social platforms, so people know about this method.

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